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Default Re: Programming Project

Originally Posted by strollin View Post
Based on what you described, what you want could be accomplished in either Excel or VBA.

What is your level of VBA or Access knowledge? I would go with the one you are most knowledgeable/comfortable with and proceed from there.

My level of knowledge relating Excel and Access probably about intermediary. I have never done any programming with VBA in the past. My programming experience has been with languages like QBasic, C, and C++.

I've played with those languages years ago, but it has admittedly been a very long time. The original program that I am trying to copy was written by someone else in Excel and did use some VBA, but the program is old and does allow for one to save the details as a record like Access would.

I've been looking at taking what they did and putting it into Access as that would allow the data to be saved a s record for future use (if needed).
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