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Default Programming Project

I am attempting to do a project relating to Real Estate Investing on my computer that will help me to make calculations relating to different Real Estate Properties. I have a program that was written in Excel years ago by someone else that relates to it, but it no longer works and I personally think that something like this could be accomplished in something Microsoft Access using VBA or perhaps in a language like Visual Basic.

I am wondering as to what you guys think might be my best bet for doing this. Should I do it in Access and use VBA or is there a better way that I can do this. I want to make this as user friendly as I can so that all the correct information related to a particular property is entered into the program, stored in something like a database and and will return the correct values and information. The idea behind it is for me to take a property address and it's correlating information, enter that into the program, store it and have it perform calculations relating to that property and then return that information back to me so that I can see at a glance if a particular piece of property is going to be worth the investment and how it compares to others.

There is 1 professional software program out on the market that relates to this, but it is expensive to buy. I have Office 365 (with Access) on my computer and I have Visual Studio 2017 on my computer. I however don't know as to what would be the best way to go with this kind of project.
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