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Default VPN and "subscriptions"

I've been looking into paying for a VPN but I'm finding them misleading.

I looked at Nord and ExpressVPN. They advertise very clearly "$x.xx per month" in large font in various places but it's only when you scroll down you see that they ask for the whole amount up front. Putting "Billed $xx.xx every 12 months" or whatever in small font under the "monthly" fee could easily be mistakened that it's the accumulated amount paid at the end of the subscription RATHER than it's what they're actually asking for.

It seems a carefully crafted way to get your money, to make it look more appealing; Do they think people think "Oh man that's a lot of money up front.. but oh well it's only $2.95 per month eventhough I'm paying it all", that makes no sense. On top of that the registration part asks for all your card information straight away so if you register expecting the monthly amount to be taken out it'll just take the lot.

So my question is is there actually and decent VPNs that don't sponge the whole amount up front?
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