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Default Re: Interested in laptops!

Originally Posted by Smart_Guy View Post

What's a CS? I don't think that's Counter Strike... or is it?

Do you mean $1300 USD? Where I live that's much for a normal laptop if it's not for heavy gaming.

Without your usage details it's a wild guess. Then after clearing that up you need to find models to compare since laptops are pre-built .
CS is computer science actually. No, gaming is not my priority. Being a first year student (just beginner in the undergraduate course) even I am confused about what all usage will be there for the laptop when going further with my studies.
Ok, first I will try to find out that and short list the available models of laptop.

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Originally Posted by Azhar Azmi View Post
$1300? Buy ASUS ROG instead.

If you're a student don't buy the most expensive one. You use it for studies not for gaming.

But if you want to do study and gaming with one laptop ASUS Zenbook maybe good for you, we upgradeable ssd, 8 gb ram,1tb hdd
No, gaming is not my priority
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