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Default Need Advice on Laptop Care

So im super new to this forum but need advice on taking care of my Dell Inspiron 6000 Gaming Laptop from Best Buy so I had the Laptop for almost a year already purchased it and had to take it to the Geek squad forst the screen was flickering and Fuzzy fixed by Geek Squad and was told there was a firmware issue than a year later it just turned off and wouldnt boot and long story short Geek Squad checked it out and it had a dead motherboard so they could either ship it back to Dell to get fixed or since I was extremely lucky and had a 299$ dollar protection plan on my 1,099$ gaming laptop Pc I got another one free and only had to pay 199 dollars with a discount on the new protection.
So my Question is can anyone help me figure out how this happenned to keep it from happenning again Im a hardcore gamer and was running steam with 9 downloaded steam games atleast Including Skyrim Elderscrolls, Skyrim Oblivion, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Knights of the old Republic, Injustice Gods Among us, Driver Parallel Lines, Saints Row The Third, Dayz And Call of Duty World at War with the full expansions so im wondering if it was overloaded on Space it had two hardrives 500gb with the Os Windows 10 and a 1tb secondary internal drive I wasnt really worried about Processor and Ram usage since its an Intel I7 and 18 gbs of ram They also said they could back up my hard drive so i also bought a 4 tb external from Best buy any advice is greatly appreciated
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