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Thread: other hobbies
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Default Re: other hobbies

Yeah, i got all new doctors here on the base. First time i went on base to get the va! Its Sheppard AFB! They have changed two of my meds and cut me back on one. Seems to be working better. I feel much better than i did. I still have my bad days with the back but everything else is doing well. I am still not in as much pain as i was.My hands bug me when it rains around here so can't do much when thats happening. I am getting better at not being lost in this big house! It really has taken awhile to get used to all this room. My shop is for the computer, my workshop and layout. I bought a 43 inch big screen to go with the dvd and 5.1 receiver i had in the trailer. I have a couple of shots of the room so you can see what i mean. I still have the weather station up and running so i can stay pretty busy! Sometimes i just sit back and watch a movie or play games on the computer or ??? The work shop is right beside the desk for the computer. I made a corner out of the two. Works for me!!
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