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Default Re: Computer upgrade

It has

2 x PCIe GbE
1 x PCIe x16
1 x PCIe x4
1 x PCI

Whatever GbE means.

I'm still used to only PCI and AGP. Those I understand

PCI-E I don't understand yet.

I'm tempted to buy the processor on Ebay as it includes a tube of heatsink grease and the price is lower than what Newegg sells it for.

That said will the current heatsink be enough with the better fan or will it require a better heatsink?

If I need a better heatsink then that might be a deal breaker given how close the processor is to the RAM.

It may be almost a month before I have the money to buy the hard drive, OS, RAM and processor though.

Sure there's way better stuff out there, but at $59.99 for the computer I ain't complaining.
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