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Default Computer upgrade

I just bought this computer from ebay which only needs a hard drive and OS to be fully functional as is.

Reading the manual for the motherboard I would like to upgrade to 8 gigs of RAM and a quad core processor along with a solid state drive.

I also am upgrading the CPU fan with one that is quieter and blows more air. The other two heatsinks will get the same type fan even though they don't really need it, but will keep the chips cooler with air blowing on the heatsinks.

I plan on using it with a 32" HDTV

My question is this.

What Nvidia PCI-E video cards with HDMI output will fit in this computer without having to modify the card other than maybe modding the metal bracket? I also have a PCI slot that could be used as well if there's a card that will fit there and do what I need.The two cables are adapters to allow the cards it would have come with to fit properly and connect to the motherboard.

The HDMI ports have to fit within one of the existing openings.

The reason I specify Nvidia is that this game I have Driv3r was made for the Nvidia cards and won't display quite right on ATI cards at least not the ATI cards in the two laptops I've used to play the game. Now if a proper AMD video card will display the game properly I'd be interested in that as well.

I use one of these stock with solid state drive and Windows 10 home at church to do sound recording and it works great for that and is fast.

Using a quad core processor and 8 gigs of RAM in the one I got for myself will make it even better.

Also due to a miss wiring of the LCD backlight driver cable that goes from it to the motherboard the backlight brightness cannot be controlled through Windows nor will correcting the wiring work as the control line from the motherboard in its stock configuration was shorted to ground by the miss-wiring so I will have to manually control that line using a variable resistor if I want to have control over the backlight brightness.
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