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Default Re: Active Directory problems

Originally Posted by crazyman143 View Post
Is it the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) that are not working? Or do you mean you are not able to log into your domain account at all? I can't tell what exactly you are trying to do.

Have you deleted the computer account out of AD and rejoined the computer to the domain after re-imaging it?

Who was involved in migrating your domain? If you have other admins in your organization, you should probably get their input on your issue. It's likely that more info regarding your environment is needed to fix your issue. You need someone who is familiar with your environment.

Sorry for the delay. Is only the RSAT, because I can login with my user. But when I try to use Admin Tools, it always says "Access Denied". We migrated the users and workstations. So both were successfully migrated from one domain to another.

I thought I did something wrong with the migration, so I delete my computer from both domains in AD,re-imaged my computer, downloaded Administrative Tools again and re-install them. (Should be like a new computer registered right? But that didn't work.

After that I thought it could be a problem with the Group Policy. I updated the group policy with the new domain running on it (the same GP update I did on my laptop) and still the same. I checked everything in the GP (permissions, access, restrictions..) and everything's fine.

My environment, domains and AD settings should be fine, because I can use AD from my laptop, and my user and laptop were migrated. But when I try to use Administrative Tools, my access is denied, in AD and GPMC as well.
You can see the pop-ups here:
GPMC error:
Active Directory error:

I ran this command before (sfc /scannow)and this are the results:

Many thanks
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