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Default Aeon Up-Board - Power Adapter ??

Hello all,
Thank you for reading this. I just ordered my first single board computer, Aeon Up-Board. Quad-Core Atom proc, 4 GB DDR3, etc... Their site sells a power adapter / AC Adapter with the output of 5 Volts, 4 Amps. I do not know if this adapter is regulated / switching /etc. I purchased a similar power adapter, with the same output, 5 Volts, 4 Amps. Is this generally OK? Am i missing something? I don't want to fry this thing.

Before you ask... I only purchased an aftermarket power adapter because the one on their site looks inexpensive, but add $32 for shipping... not cool.

Any comments (or insults) welcome

Thank you for any comments!
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