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I read the entire post and I didn't get the problem. You should try to be more concise. In that spirit, could you please tell us:
  • Exactly what the problem is
  • Which drives are failing
  • If you made any software or hardware changes before this happened

Now, to answer the questions:
  1. The best way to test hardware is to use it with another machine. This is also a good place to start:, or this
  2. You should have a backup of everything anyways. If it's too much data you could just select a few items and back those ones up. If not, then your shows are at risk because a million things could happen and those shows would be lost.
  3. Yes. Considering the storage device you are planning on using can use the full bandwidth of USB 2.0 (they usually don't) then it would take a little over 9 hours.
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