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Default Cloud Computing Help!!!

Hi Currently doing a research study,

could someone help me?

i'll put the question then put my answer below what I've got so far.

1. Five major choices you would make when provisioning a virtual machine on a typical cloud platform?

One major choice when provisioning a virtual machine is to choose an operating system that is suitable towards the cloud platform. The operating system should be able to run servers that are provided by Google, Azure and Amazon.
Consider the vCPU(CPU), this is so that the assigned CPU can cope with varies of workloads. 4 to 8 vCPUs can be assigned to each physical core.
Storage also needs to be considered when building a VM, the biggest factors of this are performance and scalability. Reasoning being is that a virtualized server generates more data and traffic. Using SAN (storage attached network) and NAS (network attached storage) is more suitable for Cloud as we are building large scale environments.

2. What solution would you propose to ensure the security of connections between a cloud based virtual server and individual client computers the company’s office? Describe how your proposed solution would ensure that the connection was secure.

Would help me a lot
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