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Default Re: Temporary extension from wall outlet

Originally Posted by Giordano Bruno View Post
Can I just buy a length of coaxial cable with threaded terminations or is there something special about this cable?
Yes, any length of coaxial cable will do, for only five meters don't worry too much about cable impedance either. Feel free to buy either 50ohm or (ideally) 75ohm coax cable.

The connectors on the end are called "f connectors" you buy the loose.

Cut the outside insulation off the cable. Peel back the earth braid so it sits on top of the cable, then cut away the inside insulation so the middle core sticks out.
The f connection then screws onto the cable, the screw bit goes over the earth shield that you put over the outside insulation. The centre wire forms the centre pin of the cable connection.

You can buy a pre made cable in various lengths also. Try your local Walmart etc in the satellite to section.
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