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Default Re: Mass shooting too close to home

Glad it didn't reach you, Cel.

I also send my prayers and thoughts to the victims and their families. They didn't deserve to be assaulted while performing their duties, which happened to be religious by chance. You have no idea how sad this made me

If murder is the worst crime ever, how bad does that make it if done under such settings?

As for guns, I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment about it because here we don't have such a problem (it's banned here with some extremely strict exceptions).

I did see a controversial point in the link, tho. It was about if it is bad that the killer had guns (including pistols) or good that the rescuer who confronted him had one, a point raised in relation to gun control, and if it affects the opinion of allowing or banning guns.

Not sure about the killer's part of the above equation, but I'm at least sure it was a good thing the rescuer was there to confront him. If it wasn't for him, death count could have been much more. I'm glad he was there for that.
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