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Default Re: SSD For Old Desktop

If it's a new Windows installation, then just switch them.

Those connectors are SATA connectors. If your current HDD is SATA compliant then just disconnect it and connect the new SDD in its place. Is the HDD's connectors like this:


If yes, then you'll have to check if your motherboard supports SATA and has data SATA connectors like these:

And your PSU has SATA power connectors like these:

Although this last point can be solved with IDE to SATA adaptors like these:

If the mobo is already SATA compliant, data SATA cables should be included. You'll have to buy new one if they are not. The look like this:

It is said that different SATA gens. are different inside (but fully compatible) to support higher speeds. Just check what SATA gen. are the mobo and the SSD and keep that in mind asking when purchasing.

As for the BIOS, it depends on your mobo. It could be called SATA configuration or setting or compatibility, etc. If you're on Windows 7 and above, it's typical to have on AHCI and on older than that it must be IDE to avoid blue screens. IDE should work on all OS's but I never tried it.
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