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Default Re: Gaming build help

Originally Posted by ~Darkseeker~ View Post
Prices are more or less in the order of:-

A320 (Lowest end AM4 Chipset) - $50-80
B350 (Mid Range) - $60-130
X370 (High End) - $80-280

(Lifted from Newegg US)

Main differences are:-
A series: Does not support overclocking, limited SATA and USB ports.
B Series: supports overclocking, but not SLI or Crossfire - more SATA/USB.
X Series: enthusiast class, supports OC and SLI/Crossfire. Lots of SATA/USB.

all three series of boards feature things like m.2 at some price points and have varying numbers of PCI Express connectors and expansion. Low end X370 boards have about the same level of I/O as a high end A series, but no Xfire or OC.
The B350s do support Crossfire, they don't support dual x8 lanes though.

If you are using Crossfire on a B350 you'll get 16 lanes for the first card and only 4 for the second one, which will cause some bottlenecking on the second, and no improvement on the first card.
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