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Unhappy OC GPU Voltage - Screen Flickering?

So I've downloaded Sapphire TRIXX (which seems very apt as I have 2 x Sapphire 270Xs in Crossfire) to be able to adjust the GPU voltage.

MSI Afterburner doesn't work.

I can overclock my GPUs from 1070/1400 to 1120/1500 without changing anything.. however, every once in a while I get a crash and feel I just need to bump the GPU voltage slightly.

STRANGELY though... looking in TRIXX.. it says the voltage of my 1st GPU is 1.188 and for the SECOND GPU it's 1.238? Why is this?

When I try and bump up the 1st GPU from 1.188 my screen starts flickering... then I have to restart and when I do restart.. the computer will BSOD and then settings will go back to normal.

I have disabled ULPS also.

Any advice on what's happening? Why the VDDCs are different.. how I can overclock safely?
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