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Default Ghettobook II preliminary discussion thread

The time has finally come! Ghettobook II is upon us!.

I learned many lessons from the first Ghettobook. The primary issues which were never resolved involved battery management and case design. Fortunately, I am now older and wiser, so the same issues will not plague Ghettobook II (which is still in need of a witty moniker.)

The plan this time around involves a modular system based around a Thinkpad T61p. Additional elements will include a docking station with a gaming GPU, and a secondary monitor, which will be integrated into the laptop, yet still removable when I need portability.

An interface chart is as follows:

There are still many open possibilities here. What would you like to see in a desktop-replacement laptop? Be as fantastical as you would like. There are no wrong answers.
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