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Default Smartphone videos upside down (when I put them on my laptop comuter)

I have a samsung express 3 ,when I first got it I tested the video camera a little bit with no problems.

Today I filmed 2 videos and one of them is fine but the other looks normal only on the smartphone screen but when I put it on my laptop it is upside down. After that I did some test videos and a lot of them come out upside down when I save them to my laptop and watch them on vlc.

(This problem is frustrating because I like saving my videos and photos to flash drives and my computer so I can keep them.)

1-Why is my smartphone doing this?

2-Is there something I can do to make the smartphone stop doing this or am I just going to have the fix the videos every time they do this?

3-If this glitch is unavoidable then What's the best way to to rotate the video file back to normal on a computer?,How do you fix the problem on a computer?
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