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Default Re: boot files not on c:/

Take the old HDD out and force it to try and boot from the SSD. I would also disable the "Execute Disable Bit" and set your boot options to Legacy IDE or AHCI... disable the Secure Boot in BIOS.

After that, I would just use your install DVD and install Windows back onto the SSD. Make sure the SSD is on SATA channel 0, and the HDD is on Sata channel 1 (where they physically plug in). After you have Windows up and running, plug in the secondary HDD and go into BIOS to ensure your SSD is set as the primary boot device.

RE: Not all Software
As an AMD fanboy, this is hard to say... AMD is really taken a dump as far as stability goes in my mind. I'm running the FX 8350 and have two R9 270X's in Crossfire and I've had constant troubles. Surprising when the parts are made for that purpose. Took them out of crossfire and most of the issues went away, but there's still problems that can't easily be quantified. After YEARS of being on AMD... my next build will be an Intel platform.
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