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Default boot files not on c:/

So, let me start by saying I just upgraded to the new ryzen platform, and i'm not certain that this is purely a software issue. Also, i'm running windows 10 ENTERPRISE insider preview build 14986, legally obtained, i assure you.

So, after assembling my mismash of new and old parts (new: cpu, mobo, &ram, old: hdd, ssd & psu.) My pc wouldn't boot up when I selected my ssd that i thought contained the OS. I tried changing bios settings and using the install media to do repairs (which failed), those didn't work, but i was able to boot just fine on a windows 2 go drive, so i knew it wasn't the new hardware at issue.

during the final attempt, i accidentally selected one of my HDDs and, oddly, it booted just fine. i'm in it now, and it seems to be working fine. but i thought it was weird that i had to select the hdd to boot instead of the ssd. and even though it boots up using the hdd, the ssd is still listed as c:/ .

i'm not really sure what i'm doing wrong here. i'd like to move my 1tb hdds to my nas PC (built from leftover parts of my last computer) but i can't while one of them is required to boot the new system.

any thoughts guys?
CPU: Ryzen 1700 GPU: MSI R9 480 4GB
RAM: 16gb DDR4 Disk: 128SSD + 2x1TB
Power: 750w asus prime b350m-a uatx mobo
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