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Default Re: QNAP server using Subversion Setup Questions

Originally Posted by Beefyfife View Post
Thank you everyone for the help and advice. Unfortunately my boss explicitly stated he wanted it non-cloud based. I revised my search and was looking at the WD My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 vs QNAP TS-453A and I understand why you guys went with WD but I learned something interesting while on the phone with WD sales people. They said whereas the QNAP you void it by messing with the motherboard or the operating system. Also with the QNAP, they have a parts store so if something breaks and you want to fix it yourself or have them fix it, it's possible unlike with the PR4100 from WD.

If anyone else has any other suggestions or comments, they are greatly appreciated!!
WD has 4 gb ram upgadeable to 8 and an empty slot for you to upgrade so you have to open it up to upgrade the ram so that does not void a warranty as you were erroneously told. I also don't see why you couldn't clean it out while it's open.

The biggest difference is a celeron laptop processor vs a pentium desktop processor, both are quad core at 1.6 gHz.

The other main difference is that the WD has 2 power inputs for redundant power supply lines in case one power brick fails and this was a main consideration for my use, I do not want the server going down and destroying data without any warning.

Both run Linux and so you will most likely be using root command SSH (secure Shell) so you will probably be voiding the warranty anyways just by doing that.
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