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Default Re: QNAP server using Subversion Setup Questions

If it were me, I'd probably use GIT rather than SVN, but that's only a preference of tools to interact with it rather than purpose.

you are exactly right in saying that you want to use something like SVN with branch control.
in a lot of ways I'm surprised that this isn't already in place, as I would assume that tools are designed and then made rather than eyeballing them during production!

in terms of attached drives...

I would not use any of the NAS devices, (either specified or otherwise), I'd use internal drives on a server, in the long run that will probably work out cheaper than trying to do something with a NAS.

the reason for this is simple.
if you're planning on running SVN and using a peer to peer style of version database, then you don't need a centralized storage, and if you have centralized storage, a single database and all people trying to update that at once, it is almost guaranteed to break.

conversely, if you have a centralized database that people just check stuff out of, then, you have to get a central server anyway, so, why not just add a couple more disks to that server, (it's cheaper than buying a whole new NAS) and you don't have any associated issues like, the power on the NAS went out and now some files in references in the database no longer exist. getting a NAS to work as storeage in a single server setup is just adding more complexity, (and more places where it can fail.)

the only way a NAS makes sense is if you plan to do version control with file names and folders.

\\network share\fiat\500\door-lock\dies\left-side-v6.dxf

and that's just not a good way to keep files like that.
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