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Default Weird question about buying android smartphones

Is it possible to buy an android smartphone from walmart without signing up for anything ,for the purposes of obtaining just the physical smartphone itself?

I ask this because I still want to keep using my old nonsmart-phone for talking and texting but I need a pocket sized android device for when I'm on the go or out of town. Then maybe I would activate it as a phone way later or perhaps never.

(tablets are too big to fit in a pocket and there doesn't seem to many 4 inch screen tablets on the market or at least not in stores.)

I was thinking of geting the "LG K7" for 50$ or If they dont let me do that then I would get the "prepaid LG sunrise" for 10$.

So,is it possible to put down a wad of cash and walk out with an android smartphone?
or will they be all like "not so fast show us some I.D. ,you must sign up for a plan ,were do you live? whats your mothers maiden name?" and so on and so forth? (and give me dirty looks. LOL)

I was at walmart today and a guy from electronics told me you can't go on wifi unless the phone is activated.LOL.
I swear that's not the case?,I know people with drawers full of old smartphones with no service and in some cases maybe even no sim cards and they go on wifi just fine.
He did say I could buy the 20$ smartphone "but without minutes it would be useless".
Is he right or wrong?
I think the guy didn't know what he was talking about or he was trained to not let you buy a prepaid phone unless you sign up for minutes or something?
I'm I crazy? I'm pretty sure as long as you have the physical android smartphone you can go on wifi and also do stuff like view offline media like songs and video?
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