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Default Re: Linux lovers

Indeed, they are designed for these types of forums. Plus, it's already been done here before, where we had podcasts and even a Youtube channel, but it went away silently, so I am giving an opportunity to give everyone that extra media we once had.

Originally Posted by BK_123
If you have nothing better to say then keep your comments to yourself.

Now, watching one of your older videos about upgrades and a space you made for yourself, really good.
Thanks for the feedback bud, means a lot! Well, indeed I did have to convert my office to a studio, not only after my mother passing in 2015, but to make it more efficient as well. I still have to work on some few things in the room.

Originally Posted by Technician
I didn't say I was interested in computers, just not in amateur videos, there is a huge difference, and there are forums for amateur videographers, this isn't one of them.
You're not quite getting the point; these videos are far from being amateur. They once were at the beginning, but do know that I forked money for two camcorders, two tripods and all these product reviews are all funded by me. Any revenue that comes from my channel goes DIRECTLY to my channel, period.
You should definitely check out any videos that have the Longhorn logo and text for thumbnails. Do understand that DSLR cameras and high end microphones are expensive and I still am trying to invest in a capture card (the one that goes in your machine), so my camcorders will keep on filming until I get there.

Just a quick FYI; most popular and professional Youtubers did start by amateur videos, but kept getting better and better, so you kind of have to consider this mate.
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