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Default Re: New custom PC build

You forgot the orange along the bottom for gulf livery. Not my favorite livery by far. I think I'd have used a nicer looking and better designed case as well and the couch of gpu's makes me wonder a bit.
You neglected to even mention the most important thing in the build, the CPU.
And I have moved away from the liquid cooling gimmick and never looked back. Why add so much infrastructure to move heat from metal to water to air when it's more efficient and safer and simpler to move it from metal straight to air with more efficient fins and fns? I suppose I thought it looked cool when I was a kid but in truth my builds today look a lot cleaner and sleeker without all the tubes and reservoirs sitting there blocking airflow that could be used more effectively if it were not there.

I am sure you will have fun doing it, but in the end it's not anything I'd want on my desk or even in my office space.

Good luck.
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