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Thread: Jokes N Stuff!
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Default Re: Jokes N Stuff!

Originally Posted by Draygoes View Post
Cynthia is the same about BEEs. No she is not alergic, and I keep telling her that all she needs to do to not be stung is not panic. A bee out looking for a flower is not looking for a fight.

My advice to anyone (who is anot allergic) that happens to be afraid of a single bee that lands on you is to not move much. They are looking for food. It has no interest in dieing unless you force that interest. Please do not flail your arms and run, as that may cause it to sting you based on connection. Its stinger is a collection of nerve cells, so it has no control. All it can do is keep it stinger up high, to prevent accidental stings. It just wants a flower.
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