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Default Re: Any chance that a HTML code will be allowed?

Hi setishock. Problem Step Recorder (PSR) is a Windows feature. You don't have to down load it. Just type PSR in the search Orb. It's a great feature and can help troubleshoot a problem. I use it to show seniors how to use a program and it's a great tool for trouble shooting.
Here's a excellent link showing this great tool and how it works. This tool seems to go unnoticed by techs.
Maybe that's the reason techs don't use is it, is because it uses HTML. I didn't realize that HTML was dangerous and is used by hackers. The forum doesn't need that for sure. I wish there were a way to use this windows tool however. IMHO it's a great windows tool. Give this a look and see what you think!
Thanks for your reply!!
How to Use the Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7 - For Dummies

Here's another excellent link showing how PSR works!!
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