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Thread: R9 390 and 390X
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Default Re: R9 390 and 390X

AMD cards work better with Intel CPUs than they do with AMD CPUs :P They put an i7 in the crazy little concept machine they built with Fury X GPUs because even AMD know that Intel make better CPUs at the high end, and they tend to stay cooler

the 3.5GB VRAM thing on the GTX 970, they said it was a 'miscommunication between our technical team and our marketting team'. Seems legit, though you think they'd have, well you know, checked before showing it off to the world.

TECHNICALLY it does have 4GB, but it's 3.5GB of highspeed GDDR5 and then 500MB in a seperate section, I can't remember exactly how it works but most games can only see 3.5GBs.
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