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Default Re: Rec./Best HDD.... HGST?

Well Hitachi drive division went with WD. Samsung drive division went with Seagate, of all people. I used to use a lot of Samsung. Not any more since they pulled that stunt.

I never used a HGST drive in a build but all of my laptops have Hitachi. Not one moments trouble out of them.
I personally used WD blue or black for my builds. Run cool and very quiet. Reasonable costs also. Good bang for the buck.

WD uses a color code system for what drive is made for what job.
Purple is for security DVRs and the Reds are for NAS boxes. Heavy constant use. I have a Purple in my camera DVR and it's getting a constant workout. I also have 2 Reds in my NAS box. They too are getting flogged.
Green is for the tree huggers. Intermittent use.
Blue and Black. I use these. I use very little of the blues unless it's a build for some one else that's on a tight budget. My own stuff has Black in them. Last build is 2 2TB and 4 500gig. Not one whimper or complaint out of any of the drives. It's been running non stop for 7 months unattended in another state and not one email alert from the system about the drives.
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