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Default Re: Google Drive to back up on external hard drive

Originally Posted by atomichybrid View Post
Thanks for the response guys. BikerEcho, so what you're saying is that I can designate the GDrive files to the external, through their software?

Yes indeed

If that's the case, if the external were to be unplugged and some files got uploaded to the cloud by another user, that would mean the computer with the external plugged will have sync issues (since external is unplugged).
I am not sure i follow. If the external drive is unplugged from the computer and another users log into Google Drive and uploads files, yes they will be synced when the external drive is back.
If someone borrows the external drive and put on some files on his own to the google drive folder, yes, they will also be synced.
The way the synchronization works, is whatever is on the drive is gonna be downloaded to the external, and vise versa.

But if I were to plug it back then it could sync back to the external hard drive, since the file was first uploaded to the cloud. Does this logic make sense?
In case of a unplug and "replug" (if that's a word) i think you will have to manually press scan or sync button.
Note: "I think". it might just start synchronizing, or maybe it just takes some time and it will start again later. But i know there is a "Sync now" button. Then it should start syncing again.

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Good testing Draygoes.
I have not tried it on an SD card. only a SATA drive
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