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Default Re: HDD backup terminology

If you're still using XP, get a hold of an old version of Ghost. I'm trying to remember what version it was that allowed you to make a bootable USB drive or whatnot, but it's easy enough to make a bootable CD from it.

Just make sure it's the "good" Norton Ghost. I think Norton Ghost 2003 was the last decent, off-line, disk imaging software. Back in my Windows XP Days, I was using this. No doubt it will still work with current versions of Windows - but it's a great imagine software and never let me down - but saved a lot of tears and time.

It is getting old though, and support had severely waned since. For a modern piece of software True Image is probably the Ghost replacement for nowadays. Go with that if you don't fancy using outdated Ghost - although sometimes you get the odd silly bug where it'll hang on the boot screen if you move the mouse before you make a selection using the keyboard (I had this error, it took me ages to find out that it was the mouse input that was causing a crash).
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