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Default Windows 7 Sleep Mode

Hey guys,

Long time. Got my father an HP EliteBook for his birthday. Amazing laptop and great specs, but the battery life isn't nearly as good as it was originally claimed. Either way, I'm waiting for the first few days of updates and tweaks to go away, and then I'll give the battery a real test.

Main issue: sleep mode. He's used to closing the lid of his old MacBook Air, leaving it on the table, coming back to it, opening it, almost no battery drain, etc.

Now, with this 9480M model, he closes the lid and the laptop enters sleep mode (not hibernate). It looks like, on some days, he can lose ~5-10% of battery life in an hour alone.

I remember hibernate being a real PITA on my PC back in the day. It would take a looong time to get back to full speed... almost felt like the computer was lethargic for a few minutes after coming back from hibernate.

Are there any settings that can be tweaked (advanced power management settings) that can make a difference here? Alternatively, should he just use hibernate instead of sleep?
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