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Thread: Jokes N Stuff!
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Default Re: Jokes N Stuff!

Patient: doc, every time I drink tea, my right eye hurts!

Doctor: try drinking the tea AFTER you remove the tea spoon.


Someone went inside a mosque with a big sharp knife and ask in a clearly heard voice "who's Muslim among you?", no one answered, except for one brave man; "I am" he said.

The man with the knife says "come with me". Both went out.

The man with the knife, "please slaughter and skin this sheep for me in the Islamic way".

The Muslims replied, I'll slaughter it for you, but I'm not good at skinning it. Go ask if there is anyone else in the mosque can do it.

The man with the knife went back to the mosque with the big knife in his hand covered with blood and asked, "is there another Muslim here?".

Everyone pointed at the imam.

The imam yelled at them: "hey, just because I prayed for you, you made a Muslim out of me?"!!!

Moral: if your car's A/C is not working, fix it before summers comes!


Wife to husband: how many times have you cheated on me?

Husband: as many hairs I have on my head.

Wife goes to room and cries... she then remembers that her husband is bald!

Wife goes back to husband and hits him on his bald head and says: take that you over grown bald baby


Wife: if you buy me a car, I'll give away half of my life.

Husband: okay, I'll buy you two cars.


Teacher: give an example of a useful insect.

Student: hmm... a bee!

Teacher: excellent. Give another example of a useful insect.

Student: erm... ah... another bee!


Brunette: please call me a cab.

Blonde: you're a cab.

Brunette: *face palm* I can't blame you. It's in your genes.

Blonde: *searches in the pockets of her jeans pants and says there is nothing in her Jeans*


Jojo: hey guys, let's go to the sun.

Guys: are you crazy? We will burn there!

Jojo: oh... okay then, lets go there at night.


What is the animal that says meow?

A dog acting like a cat!


Student1: teachers art stupid

Student2: how come?

Student1: they keep asking us questions everyone knows their answers!

art = are


An idiot took an exam alone... and scored third!


That's it for now
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