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Default Re: Community activity...

Originally Posted by MMM View Post
Well said, you will see this has happened with PC Tech mags as they have changed considerably with the inclusion of smart phones & tabs.
DIY PC builds has died off in my opinion.
Out of the regulars here how many would admit their enthusiasm has waned.
It's not so much that my enthusiasm has waned.

to be honest I never got involved in the over-clocking threads. And I never saw over clocking as a way to get a cheaper fast computer. for me over clocking was always about getting "the best" computer.

For my budget at the time when OC'ing was big I never had the money to buy high end components, and never was able to setup a large cooling rig because of the expense that entailed. sure there are a few people who changed what they could to eeek a few more MHz out of what they had.
but the true goal of overclocking was to get the absolute best you could out of the latest and greatest, to take the best chip on the market and make it better, it was possible to have the best consumer system in the world, and that was worth talking about. the former (making your 1.8Ghz PC run at 2Ghz, was not really noteworthy).

Last year I gave away my nice case to a kid who wanted to start building computers, it was a big case plenty of bays, made of aluminium magnesium alloy with 9-fans, basically perfect for a guy who it looking for parts to build something/anything with...

what I think has really killed over clocking is laptops, cheap and convenient, ubiquitous, and not upgradeable in any meaningful sense. - why have a box in the corner that I need to get up and use when I can sit wherever I like?

I think more than a waning of interest, I'm actually more interested than ever in IT.
We had our companies annual meeting yesterday, and as I was leaving I saw a convention for redgate SQL products, I thought about skipping work to see what it was all about. (my interest in computers is great enough to consider skipping out of work)
And that's the problem, my interests are far and varied but relate to more specialist activities,
Ask me about exchange, SQL or Citrix, active directory, programming embedded devices, setting up managed switches and routers, ect even setting up secure server environments (such as PCI-DSS compliant or ISO 27001 etc) and I'll be really enthused -I've got bunches of opinions since this is the stuff that we do where I work.

But often the topic of conversations tend to be more desktop based, I suppose my knowledge of desktops is just less than it used to be since I'm using servers everyday, and my desktop is just a tool to get stuff done.

trouble is not many people come here to get server questions answered.
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