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Default Re: Community activity...

IMHO the biggest impacts have been the changes in computer hardware and the changing face of tech. I am the admin of another large computer/tech forum we have see the same as what is happening here.

Changes in computer hardware - Gone are the days where overclocking was the holy grail of computer performance. Entire communities sprung up around the concept of eking out that little extra "umph" from the available hardware. Today's hardware is faster than any of us ever considered possible back then and it does it at stock speeds and on stock cooling. The software of today cannot even take advantage of this hardware yet.

Changes to the face of Tech
- Desktops are no longer the main computer, and laptops are even struggling anymore. Smartphones are becoming the main with tablets being the stepchild of them. Because of this most hardware-centric are struggling with decreased traffic.

None of that is to say that what exists should be scrapped, but we need to adapt in order to survive.
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