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Thread: Backups/Copies
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Default Re: Backups/Copies

Originally Posted by bluenose1940 View Post
hiya asdhurt, You'll have to be patient with me here as I am a grey haired old codger and not overly brill on the old pc. Am I right in thinking that if I 'image' the contents of 'D' drive to 'E' drive, all that I will see when I go into 'E' drive is just one very large file which is effectively the 'backup' of everything that is on my 'D' drive.

If I decide to 'clone' my 'D' drive instead, when I then go into 'E' will I see exactly what is in 'D', i.e. all of the directories/sub directories, files and folders. If cloning gives me this, then this is what I am looking to achieve and so my next question is, how do I do it?

Thanks to all who are trying to help me, tis much appreciated.
You are correct. That's how you will see the E drive with the 2 different methods. Note that making an Image will save space.

Macrium Reflect Free Edition should do the trick for you. I have not tried it my self, but it should be a good free cloning tool.
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
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