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Default Re: Will clock speed make a difference here?

Originally Posted by ~Darkseeker~ View Post
Nice to see someone besides me re-using old stuff for non-demanding applications, instead of buying some horrible small form factor thing.

Clock speed will make a bit of a difference, as will the memory. Netflix is hardly demanding; but it does require some decent processing power for the images to be fluid and smooth.

What kind of GPU has it got? This could be a clinching point if the screen you plan to use is quite large.
To be honest, I can't afford to buy expensive things like that when the graphics card on my main computer is in such desperate need of upgrading. This computer was free as my brother works doing house clearances, and has been a chance to fill in some blanks in my learning as I didn't really have the money for them when I was younger, other than the p166 I got for free in 1999 to practice on. Video card, that's a bit of a touchy subject, been trying to get one to work for ages, thought it must be the card, so got another, and I'm having the same problem, it will be an agp 128mb card most likely if I get it working. I wasn't going to admit to this, but I did put the CMOS battery back in the wrong way, it was an upright one, and I've never removed one like that before, I got suspicious when I had to keep setting the time on start up, just ordered a new one t0o be on the safe side as the computer is so old. Someone did suggest it could be lack of ram which I'm expecting to arrive hopefully in the next hour so I'll try that again, someone also suggested the case could be restricting the card from fully going in the slot, so I also removed the back plate on one of the cards, but still no joy!
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