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Default Tips To Make Windows 7 & 8 Run Better

So I thought I'd make a little guide on how you can make you PC running Windows 7/8 run a bit faster.

So one of the big resource hogs in Windows 7 & 8 is aero and it can bog down computers that aren't running good hardware. So here's how to do it, Go to control panel > system/system & security > system > advanced system settings and under the performance tab click settings and choose the adjust for best peformance option, You may notice you PC running a bit better.

Its always a good idea to run the inbuilt Windows utility's or CCleaner to clean out those temporary files hiding.

So when you start your computer up first thing you may notice its taking a little while to get its act together as its loading all the programs that need to run at startup. In Windows 7 you can do this by either going to the run dialog box and typing msconfig and In Windows 8 right click the quick launch bar then task manager then find the startup tab or using the utility in CCleaner and remove unnecessary programs from starting at boot. If you aren't sure on what they are then Google them.


Msconfig (Windows 8)

Msconfig (Windows 7)

Running you antivirus and/or malware software can help by removing any viruses lurking around.

Removing unwanted programs can help speed your computer up, If you aren't sure of a program then Google it and go from there.

Adding some more ram can help, The Use the Crucial System Scanner software to find out what type of memory is in your computer is a good tool to help determine how much you have if you don't already know.

Well I hope this was of some use to everyone, Thanks for reading..
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