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Default Photography Comp Submission - Hobbies/Interests

Ok, well I hope this will be a good one! We all know that computers is one of our hobbies so try and choose something other then that.

So I am going to reference these rules, because I am guessing this is what we are going to. If I'm wrong please remove it and correct me please.

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post

1. The photo has to be considered to have met / be of the competition subject, the person who decided upon the subject (the last winner) has the final say as to if the photo should be included.

2. The photo should be taken by the person submitting it, this includes the use of remote shutters / timers, but excludes other people pressing the shutter.

3. The photo should not be edited in any way unless specified by the person deciding the subject (the last winner)

* Any question / debate over any particular photo on any 1 particular competition should be decided / resolved by the person who chose the competition subject (the last winner).

** Any question / debate over the rules set for all competitions should be discussed between all members of the forum.

I will submit my photo soon! Good luck everyone
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