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Default Re: Repeated Screen Flickering/Crashes, PLEASE HELP! :)

The "flush the ram" thing started with me.

It is entirely possible for faulty code, or even malicious code to take up residence inside/on RAM. The ONLY WAY [ that is available to Windows users] to clear any and all information from those DIMMs is to remove all available electricity as it is flash memory, and only holds information while it has a power source. Turning off the computer doesn't remove the power source, nor does simply unplugging it as there are many capacitors on the motherboard that will provide a steady stream of power to the RAM in the event a steady source is not available.
Invoking the boot process by pressing the power button will draw all power from the capacitors first. Without a source to replenish, all electricity stored on the board will be depleted, causing the RAM to lose its source, and therefore losing all information stored in it.
The 'press it many times' is not necessarily needed. In fact, you can drain the electricity by simply pressing it once. I just press it a bunch of times because I'm weird like that and so I tell others to be weird like me.

re: Delete Prefetch
"Cleaning the Prefetch folder in Windows XP/Vista is a Myth and will reduce performance. The Prefetch folder is self cleaning at 128 entries by Windows. When the 128 limit is reached Windows will keep the 32 most used prefetch files. Cleaning the folder before this will cripple Windows load and all application load times. The Prefetch folder is not a cache. Prefetch files are NOT loaded at Windows startup and unused files do absolutely nothing but take up a ridiculously small amount of disk space. The folder is rarely over 5 MB. Prefetch (.pf) files are merely REFERENCED when an Application loads so Windows can optimally load the application to RAM. There is NO negative performance hit from Prefetching. All recommendations to clean the folder or tweak Windows Prefetching in ANY way are Myths and spread by those who do not understand how Windows Prefetching works."


@OP, sorry to hijack the thread... had to clear that up.

Re: Your issue
You need to get the details of the blue screen. Follow the below steps to stop Windows from automatically rebooting.

Press (keyboard) Windows Key + X
Click System
(Left Hand Side) Advanced System Settings
(Tab) Advanced
(Under Startup and Recovery) Settings
(Under System Failure) Uncheck "Automatically Restart"

The next time you get a blue screen, note the bottom line where is states 'search online for this error:'...

What is the error listed?
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