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Default Repeated Screen Flickering/Crashes, PLEASE HELP! :)

Ok, upfront here is a list of my hardware

NZXT Phantom mid tower
Intel i5 3570k processor
ASRock Z77 Pro 4m motherboard
8GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM
Gigabyte AMD Radeon hd 7970 GHz edition GPU
Corsair builder series 750w power supply
1TB Seagate hybrid drive

So this is my first PC that I have built and one of my close friends who has built several mid to high end computers helped me along the way. I built it back in the first week of October and primarily use it for gaming. When I first got it there were no visable issues. However, within the first couple weeks I started noticing some strange graphical problems. Sometimes the screen would flicker just slightly but typically only while I was playing a game (some of which weren't even highly demanding: League of Legends). I believe it may have crashed once or twice and in a desperate attempt to fix the problem before it got worse I returned the motherboard and GPU for identical parts thinking there may be defected parts. This fixed the issue for a short while and then I started noticing it would happen again and more frequently now. Thinking that my computer was being underpowered I traded my previously smaller power supply (600w) for the larger one I have now (750w). Again, I saw immediate improvement but it later regressed to its previous state. Lastly I tried doing a fresh install of the operating system (windows 8.0) and it worked fine for some time. Recently the issue has come up again leading me to believe that it has nothing to do with the drivers or operating system but its still a hardware issue. I have tried moving the GPU to other pci-e slots and resetting it in the same one. Sometimes this works but not always. Yesterday I was playing Battlefield 4 (which since it's release has ran fine at maxed quality) and it crashed somewhere around 8 times. Even after rebooting. Sometimes it would just go to a black screen other times a brightly colored one such as orange or a sandy red color. But only once or twice has it blue screened. Now, even if I am on my desktop or in the internet browser I will get sporadic screen flickering and eventually my computer will crap its pants and crash again. I've somehow managed to get into a couple servers on bf4, and once i'm in game I do not notice any graphical issues aside from a random crash occasionally but I was able to play for a couple hours today without any problems. The loading screen flickers constantly and once I get into the game itself is fine. What the heck is going on with my computer and how can I easily fix this?
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