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Default Re: CPU usage problem

An improperly seated fan would not cause high usage. Neither should a new Motherboard...

I'm going to side with malware. I know you said that you reformatted 3x, but that doesn't mean much with Windows Kernel 6.0+ (Vista up). If a virus was able to make its way into the kernel files, then you're never really getting rid of it when you reformat. Windows, during the installation process, will scan the drive (even after a "format") to find kernel files and re-use them if found.

Download all the drivers you need, and your favorite anti-virus.

Get DBAN and run the quick erase option to ensure that Windows won't re-use old kernel files (will take some time to complete).

Without plugging the PC into an internet connection, reinstall Windows and all of your drivers. Then install antivirus, then plug in your ethernet and only update Windows.
Then perform a full scan with your antivirus, and probably MalwareBytes too, just to be safe.
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