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Originally Posted by BikerEcho View Post
The world is going down hell
We have on our passports a picture of the 2000 year old famous magic man. The picture is from an over 1000 year old "picture stone" from Jelling called "Jellingestenene" (btw i live in Jelling. And i got to say they are really boring to look at) The stones are part of danish history.
The state is thinking about removing that image from our passports because of protest. also a few danish are protesting. can you believe that?

here is a picture of our pass port:
here is a picture of the stones:

I don't really care if it's there and so shouldn't the Muslims. It's just a picture on a paper that we don't use often.
If i move to Iraq i'll not complain about having something muslim related in my new passport. I have nothing against Muslims, so i should not complain about something that is a part of muslim history.

There has also been some protest about our flag. If you turn it 90 degrees the white will form a cross.
It was in the news a year ago that some group of people demanded the danish "Dannebrog" flag to be change..... Are you F***ing kidding me.
it's one of the oldest flags in the world. Some people should really learn to respect others and stop being some self ignorant morons.

It goes for us Danish aswell. A good deal of danish have been protesting about the very first "real" Mosque in Denmark.
It was not build on tax Money. it was all donations from the former ruling emir of Qatar. So what a so many danish complaining about??
It's sickens me.
I know someone who was almost arrested for having the union Jack covering one of the window's. A neighbour had phoned police and they weren't British. But if you have such an issue with a country's flag or even heritage why decide to live there?

As for the OP, that is ridiculous and just proves that firstly there are some governments that have too much power. And second, the UN isn't really keeping an eye on the things that they should be.

I agree that tradition should "keep with the times" but if they go to far with that then it won't really be tradition would it.

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