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Default Finding the right hardware

I'm making a pretty "OCD" setup, and I need your help to find one thing. Imagine having a Desktop and a Notebook on one desk, you already have a way to quickly connect your Notebook to your screen, now, you want to connect your Mouse and Keyboard to the Notebook as well. But you don't want to have to pull the USB's out of your Desktop again and again... So, I want a USB thingy that I would connect my Keyboard (and another one for the mouse) to, and it will split the signal to my Desktop and Notebook at the same time. That's still easy to find, but wait, there's more. I want to be able to turn one connection on & off. For example when I connect my Notebook, but I don't want to shut down the Desktop yet, I want to be able to Turn off the signal going from my Keyboard to my Desktop but not to my Notebook.
Woah. That was complicated to explain... Thanks for reading!
-My first language isn't English so I hope I didn't make any major mistakes in this text... Thx
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