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Default Re: Microsoft No Longer Recommends MSE

Originally Posted by setishock View Post
It's called fair market value. When coders put a lot of hours in creating programs they expect to get paid for their time. Good coders make good bucks. So the company has to recover their expenses through the pricing of the product. A company I worked for in the past paid 1700 dollars for one piece of software. Took a bit to learn it but in the end was worth every penny.
So if you can't afford something doesn't give you the right to steal it. Like generic medicine, there are alternatives to brand name software.
Originally Posted by jmacavali View Post
While this is getting off topic and I'm not helping get it back on I couldn't let these two quotes go. I'm going to put this as close to allowable by the rules as I can here... I was always in the same boat as Life - though I've been out of the "business" now for a long time. I think Seti hit the nail on the head. I can't afford to drive around in a Ferrari so I don't go to ThePirateCarDealership () and take a Ferrari from them. Instead I drive around in a much cheaper Pontiac. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of a Ferrari, it still gets the job done. I think we can through as many anologies at this as we want but the picture has been made pretty clear. Not being able to afford something doesn't give you the right to steal it. You just have to find an alternative that works for what you need.
I never did think about it in that regard... I retract my statement from before.
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