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Lightbulb site links for software

I was wondering if there is a site where people list their older version of software, like say office 10,
I can get office 365 but I use it so little it's pointless, and office ten would work fine for what I'd use it for, spreadsheets of car service records,
car project spread sheets/etc..
I don't have an office job that requires computer work, so this is just for play and record keeping on project cost..
same with adobe photoshop, pointless for me to get the newest and greatest as a person starting out with a dslr and want to learn.. but the buy in for the latest is 600+
when people upgrade what do they do with the older version..?
I have office 95 lol but that's not gonna run on anything I use
or is it just a crapshoot and post wanted on sites like this one and hope for the best..
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