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Default Re: Not sure if this qualifies for is forum c64?

Originally Posted by Celery View Post
Interesting. Not too long ago my sis found a complete C64 system at her church rummage sale for $15. That's the C64 that look like the C128, floppy drive and the monitor. Also had a box of floppy disks.

I was pretty excited to play with it but it wasn't the same as before. The software sucked and no fantastic games to get. Also forgot a lot of my programming ability.

I guess I had moved on so I sold it for $30.
Was it like this one? COMMODORE 64 C64 C COMPUTER Console+Power+Manual Boxed | eBay

This is the model I have

I have had bad luck with boot sales and things, got the older style c64 from one, got it home and it didn't work, I never risked it again, to be fair, mine is in excellent condition, controllers, light gun, quite a few games. I can still enjoy old games, Dizzy is still loads of fun on the C64, the Snes was and still is brilliant, not long finished breath of fire 1 on the snes, still love it. Part of it for me though is I just love collecting retro computers and consoles, I still have a Mega Drive set up in the living room
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