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Default Windows XP Dual boot problems

Hi, I have a basic homebuilt XP set-up, with a 250 gig hard drive partitioned, and Xp home on one partition, and XP pro on the other. I had been using them both succesfully from 2009-2012.

One day about this time last year, the Xp home (my preferred and main OS, with all my media and data on it) stopped booting properly. It will go to the black windows loading screen with blue scrolling progress bar, then exit that, and then have a black screen and the monitor status light goes orange, showing that the monitor is not getting any video output. Weird right? So out of laziness I just started using the Xp pro side.

I was actually doing something quite stupid, I was holding the power button to force-shut-down my system when leaving my house in a rush for a long time, this caused the PSU to fry itself in November 2012. I just replaced the PSU and the computer works again.

My problem is this: I want to get rid of both partitions, do a full format, and install Windows 8....but how do I save my 60 gigs of media when I can't seem to access that media from the Pro side because of ownership issues? I've tried everything.
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