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Default High usage on HD and network

At the same time.
I ran my weekly scans yesterday a few days ahead of when I normally do on Sunday. I noticed the hard drive had a lot of r/w's going on and at the same time my rig was blabbling its head off to somebody.
When I disabled the network adaptor the hard drive activity died.
I have the following disabled:
JAVA updater
Windows updater
MS Office updater
The scanners like ccleaner and malwarebytes are set to manual update only.
I found that rootkit revealer won't even start up on win7 so I used the McAfee rootkit scanner. Came up clean but that doesn't mean there's not a smart rootkit on there.
The index function is enabled by the way but I'm sure it doesn't need to talk to any one in order to do its job.
I'm curious what it is then that keeps chewing up my bandwidth.
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